About me

I am a highly motivated Author, Blogger (Ghostwriter), Project Enabler, loving Husband and cancer survivor.  For many years, I am living within the Berlin and global Startup Ecosphere. One of my passions is supporting young projects in setting them up, developing them, Business Planning them and scaling them up. With my experience, I feel, it is my obligation to help and create something fantastic.

My inner drive is based on fighting spirit, inspiration, creativity, and motivation from inside. How did I become the person I am now? What made me who I am?

Early years

Growing up in a small village in Northwestern Germany, I was already interested in and working with the Internet in the 1990s. The opportunities of a global Network fascinated me. Already back in that time, I developed my first website. But not only the Internet also Media development (Audio, Video, and Image) got my attention. I loved what I could do with a computer and the World Wide Web.

In school, on the other hand, I was focussing on Business Administration. Besides economics, I also focused on Mathematics for my Highschool Diploma which I successfully finished at Wirtschaftsgymnasium in Friesoythe.

After high school, I did training on the job, exploring, whether I want to work in business-related topics. So, I did two years of training at Remmers Baustofftechnik GmbH. Gaining for more than just being a clerk, I decided to study, why I moved to Berlin in 2006.

Studying and my first company

Simply studying Business Administration was not of interest for me. I wanted to experience and learn something. Looking for something different, I started my studies in Business Administration and Civil Engineering (B.Eng.). Yes, you read right. I wanted to learn and experience more about construction sites. These studies, I successfully finished at Beuth University of Applied Sciences.

Shortly after beginning my bachelor studies, I had an idea with a fellow student. We started our own company besides the studies. The company was about Website and Media Production. We developed projects for clients, but also realized our own projects, such as orientierungslos.com or wm-in-berlin.de (unfortunately, neither one is still existing). This time was gifting me a lot of practical and fascinating experiences. I dived deeper into IT related topics, yet also learned about Construction Sites and again about Business Administration. I started developing some incredible understanding and skills. However, back in 2011, we canceled the business, liquidated the company. Yet we won tons of priceless experience and Know-how.

After finishing my Bachelor studies in 2010, I started some company integrated Master studies in International Management (M.Sc.). My studies were mostly on the weekends in different cities in Germany, Belgium, and Brazil. I was studying at Steinbeis University / SIBE. When I was not traveling, I was working full-time to finance everything. The studies were related to this 2 years position as Controller within the Strategic Development department at T-Systems International GmbH / Systems Integration, in Darmstadt. My main project was to make the measuring of the success of the companies’ strategic programs possible. All this still needed to be in line with the actual financial numbers.

Unfortunately, when the contract ended, T-Systems was not hiring anymore. This gave me the chance to follow my passion back to Berlin easier than by quitting a fantastic position in a great team.

My beginnings at a company builder

Back in Berlin, I started working at the company Builder and INvestor Rocket Internet SE as Investment Controller. In the beginning, it was still a GmbH, yet grew and went public in the time, I was there.

My time at Rocket gave me uncountable and very rare knowledge and experience in diverse topics of the startup industry. I was collaborating with many A Level Founders and Management of diverse projects in more than 50 countries. Some projects I was supporting are Linio, EasyTaxi, Jumia, Kaymu or Lamudi.  My support from the Investor perspective was mostly under financial or legal aspects. Exciting tasks and contacts gave me an incredible time which I would never want to miss. Mergers and Acquisitions, Incorporations, due diligence, liquidations, all this and more gave me an incredible time and priceless experience.

In some point, I started wanting more. I wanted to switch to the operative side of the business. The Investor perspective on my mind, I agreed with the Top Management of Rocket Internet to switch into one of their own projects. in Spring 2015, I  finally changed from the Rocket Internet Headquarter to different projects. After a detailed analysis of the market and potential of success, we stopped the first project after only a few weeks.

Directly afterwards, I started as CFO at  Vaniday. Vaniday is the place for your appointment in Beauty & Wellness. It gives you the chance to make appointments at hairdressers, in nail studios or also in other places. Salons have a chance to present their work online to a broader audience.

Besides Finance, I also had the chance to work on different topics in Business Development in Germany (as Country Manager), as well as Compliance (globally). As our main competitor from the UK received a larger investment and decided to expand all over Europe, we already decided to quit the German market early. However, we quickly expanded into 12 other countries in Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, South East Asia, and Australia.

What goes up, must come down

This amazing experienced reached its high point in May 2016 by marrying my wonderful wife and love of my life, Melissa. My life could not have gotten better, I knew, I reached my highest point, also, if Vaniday already started shutting down the first countries. I was purely happy and was not expecting anything to turn bad.

However, a few weeks later, I was diagnosed with cancer. why I could not support Vaniday anymore. I had to focus on different, unexpected topics now.

Being the person I am, I could not focus on just recovering. I decided to still work on Positivity and Motivation.  I wanted to develop my mental strengths, for getting stronger every day.

First projects on my own again.

In a first step, I developed Coachiendo (like a friend by your side). Besides my beautiful wide, Coachiendo was the main friend by my side. I also wrote three books.

Currently, Coachiendo is a simple Blog about Motivation, Inspiration, and Self-Development. It has the power to encourage and boost its readers, but not only them. For me, it gave me an incredible self-motivation, creativity and writing skills. My wife is also supporting the project. Additional features, such as the login area, motivational videos, Podcasts or live streams may follow in the future.

Stop Drifting, Be Alive” is an adventurous novel in English. It is about Peter, a young German man, working in Hong Kong. One day, he goes on a business trip. The plane crashes. He crash-lands with a group of strangers on a lonely island. Together they must find a way to survive and get off that island.
This novel contains lections in Motivation, self-development, social and economic challenges, as well as criticism. It is available on Amazon.

Europa, aus der Asche auferstanden” is a post-apocalyptic, yet positive and hopeful Science-Fiction novel in German.
107 years after the world war III eliminated nearly all of the life on earth, a small group of Europeans appears to be the last human survivors on the planet earth. Thanks to automation and Artificial Intelligence, they get the chance to leave the planet. This is a chance to explore for habitable planets. Only with patience, focus and the right attitude, they will find a habitable planet.
Also, this novel is exploring the opportunities for motivation, self-development, economic systems, criticism, and the minimum basic income theory.

WIth  “Agent Pfeiffer: Rote Fahnen im Wind” I created my first crime / polit-thriller novel. This book is critically discussing radical approaches (extreme right-wing, as well as extreme left-wing terrorists).
This super exciting novel in German plays in Frankfurt (Oder), as well as in Berlin and takes the reader on an exciting, sometimes even despairing journey.

Rising again

In September 2017, I was finally good enough to go back to normal life. Cancer was under control. However, in the beginning, I still had to fight. Thanks to inner strength and motivation, as well as a strict protein diet, at some point I even managed, walking stairs again without break. I got control over my life back. Although it was not simple, and as I was not sure how well, I would be, I took a step back. I quit my job at Vaniday, which was only in three countries left back then. I even left Rocket completely after nearly five years.

Instead, I started a more planable position as Head of Accounting and Controlling at Quandoo. I returned back to Business and was leading, developing, and growing a fantastic finance team. Finally, I was happy again, joining this team, this company.

At the same time, I was also writing “Lass uns Weihnachten retten“, a charming, short Christmas story for Children, in German. This book is motivating and inspiring again, a quick read.

Still, soon I was already not feeling fully happy anymore. I wanted more. I feel the need to achieve something special.

New Beginning 4.0

Therefore, I started another company with my wife in April 2018., Sprock Ventures is initially focussing on offering our unique strengths and experience within the Berlin Startup ecosystem, besides working at Quandoo.

No matter if developing Business Plans, or Pitch-Decks, the Optimization of internal Processes, the development of Media Files (Video, Image), or even the realization of (web) projects, we are eager to support. Especially for young companies, we want to offer fair pricing.

At the same time, I am also writing, recording and publishing “#Krebspatient“, my fifth book, first autobiography, first audiobook and the first book of the month for me. This book is about my experience, fighting cancer and special challenges. it is about flying high and falling deep. It shows the reader or listener how I developed my courage to win the fight. This is not only interesting for patients of cancer, but for everyone who is fighting big challenges.
As indicated, in October 2018, the book was announced book of the month by my publisher tredition, In November, I was invited for a podcast and internet radio show called Mach dir Lebenslust by Bastian Lee Jones (LebenslustTV)

Slowly, Melissa and I start developing our own first big project. I am sure, you will hear about falamoda in the near future.

As I felt like a bird in a golden cage, working at Quandoo, I quit my job by November 2018. Ever since, I am on my path, advising businesses, ghostwriting content and enabling projects.

I am already proud, I chose this more risky way. It makes me happier and feels more fulfilled, offering my skills to more than just one company.  I feel this is my obligation and opportunity to grow.

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