#Krebspatient (Book in DE, EN: #CancerPatient)

The burden of a sheer infinite dark power

This book is published in German.

Imagine, you are super happy, in love and feeling healthy. You do not waste any thought about, whether something could be wrong with you. You marry the woman of your life and suddenly everything is different.

Starting with a hardening on your own body, you go to the doctor, when  suddenly tumors grow on the neck. Everything is different from one day to the next. A stroke of fate that hits you hard. You, your family and friends are going through a hard time. This is the time when you realize who you really care about.

#CancerPatient gives you insights into the emotions and experiences of me, a cancer patient. In my case, a lot of things happen differently than usual, but even these hurdles do not mean the end the world.

You want to put yourself in the situation of, how it would be? You want to better understand someone who is suffering from cancer? Maybe you want to help him / her? Then I can warmly recommend you #Krebspatient.

This biographical novel gives you insights into the emotional state and experiences, but also into best practices that have helped me. Maybe they also help you or your friend.

Nevertheless, do not forget: Every case is different.

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