Agent Pfeiffer: Rote Fahnen im Wind (Agent Pfeiffer: Red Flags in the Wind)

You can get this German crime novel here, or in many other stores.

Futuristic-presence-related political thriller (DE) Michael wakes up arms and legs tied up in a hospital in Frankfurt (Oder). He does not know where he is, why he is there, not even who he is. Everything is a big question mark for him. Only one thing is clear to him, he has to get out of there. He manages to escape with obstacles. In Berlin he finds a team and maybe his memories. It starts a fight against a seemingly superior opponent. Is there a chance to win this? The narrator of this very excitingly written thriller fluctuates in his mood between paranoid, desperate and hopeful mental states. He dreams of a world without any radical thought and is committed to it. Will it be enough in the end? I’m working on publishing the novel “Rote Flaggen im Wind” as soon as possible in 2017. Stay up-to-date with the Newsletter.

Rote Fahnen im Wind YouTube play

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